Deklaracja dostępności


The artist created over 800 oil paintings during his lifetime. He was an excellent portraitist who depicted the features of the model with great fidelity.

Boleslaw Barbacki has been especially keen to paint portraits of the members of the elite, such as the landed gentry (incl. count A. Stadnicki), officials (portraits of Roman Sichrawa), actors (i.a. Maria Majdorowiczówna, Wanda Siemaszkowa, actors of the Drama Society) and servicemen (J. Pilsudski, W. Sikorski, gen. W. Iwaszkiewicz). In his paintings he has immortalized men, women and children, he especially liked painting his family and friends. He was critical of his own pieces and often graded himself for each of them. In 1941, when he was released from prison after his first arrest by the Gestapo, he wrote to his friend, Roman Uhacz: “In the last year I have taken a serious step forward! Especially in terms of colors. It’s strange; one is aging physically, but the brain is ascending still to the heights, the hand so far still obeys. Oh, what would I give to be sure I will live for 5–10 more years! I would compensate the deficiencies and shortcomings of my whole life!"

Although Barbacki had shown great technical ability, and his paintings evoke a lot of aesthetic impressions in the viewers, the period in which he created was not easy for him. Modern movements dominated the visual arts; realism and correctness of technique were no longer the main focus. This was the source of his frequent dilemmas and suffering, as it was difficult for him to gain the publicity he needed. However, his art was appreciated, which is confirmed by numerous commissions that came from all over Poland. He presented his paintings mainly at national exhibitions: in Kraków, Lviv, Warsaw, Katowice, Zakopane and Poznań. In 1927 he received a bronze medal awarded by the Society for Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Warsaw, in 1934 he received a silver medal for “Nude covered with pink drapery” (the piece was lost during the war), and in 1938 he received a confirmation of a silver medal for the “Portrait of the President of Nowy Sącz, Dr Roman Sichrawa”.

Below – selected works by the artist.