Deklaracja dostępności

The Polish Portrait

A Ghost appears on the banks of the Dunajec river. He reaches a grand villa and a painting studio located within. Here he examines dusty items from before the war. Each of them brings back memories of the Ghost's turbulent life. We follow his reminiscences into the world of the past – to the warmth of family home, to the hardhsips of life in Poland under partitions, to the exciting memories of the first world war and most importantly to the world of art, to which our protaginst has dedicated his life. It's the ghost of Bolesław Barbacki – a forgotten painter from Nowy Sącz, who dedicated his life not only to painting, his beloved art, but also to the local community.

„The Polish Portrait” – is a fictionalized documentary about a painter and an activist from the first half of the 20th century, whose life is a history very typical for that period of the history of Poland.

Duration: 73 min

Directed and animated by: Barbara Nałęcz-Nieniewska
(née Szewczyk)

Screenplay, costumes: Maria Molenda

Cinematography: Przemysław Brynkiewicz

Starring: Arkadiusz Detmer

Music by: Sebastian Jan Kondratowicz

Language: Polish, English subitles